Commodity Trading In Nepal

Commodities Trading in Nepal

As Nepal is an agricultural country, the overall economy is based on agriculture as well as employment also depends on same. Therefore, if the commodity market can be managed, it can play an important role in increasing agricultural
production and employment. It will also have a positive impact on the world economy. There is no need to increase technical and basic knowledge about the market and develop skilled manpower and go abroad for employment. With this in mind, trading of commodities (agricultural, energy and metals) was started in 2063 BS. If the government and the business community go hand in hand to manage this, it will be in the interest of all parties and the problem of capital flight will be reduced to some extent. As a result, the stakeholders the government, businessmen and investors will be benefited.

Since its inception in the commodity market, Vaibhav Laxmi Investment Pvt. Ltd. has been providing continuous market services to its investors without being distracted by the ups and downs of the market at different times.

Following documents should include at the time of client Registration :

  • Citizenship Certificate Clear Photocopy
  • PP Size Photo
  • Bank Proof , Statement, Cheque with clear branch name
  • Clear Signature
  • Email Address
  • Permanent and Temporary Address
  • Contact Number
  • PAN Card Clear Photocopy

Please send above documents at email:

For more information +977 -9841281369 , +977 9818708215