About Us

Vaibhav Laxmi Investment Pvt. Ltd (Commodity Broker) is one of the leading and fastest growing brokerage platform in Nepal. It is a registered financial brokerage company. Vaibhav Laxmi Investment Pvt. Ltd was registered in 2008- 01-27 B.S by the government of Nepal, Ministry of industry, Commerce and Supplies .

Our Objectives

  • The major activities and offerings of the company today are commodity market, portfolio management services, research and other financial services.
  • To provide brokerage service to the investors to trade in this market
  • To provide safe investment opportunity to the investors by minimizing the risk
  • To provide customer oriented service and timely information to the customers about the market activities

How to invest in commodity market of Nepal ?

We are commodity broker of Nepal.

Types of Commodities

1. Precious Metals: Gold, Silver etc
2. Other Metals:  Copper etc
3. Agro-Based Commodities: Wheat etc.
4. Soft Commodities: Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar etc
5. Energy: Crude Oil, Natural Gas  etc

How we can help you?

We know that every trader is looking for secure and reliable trading partner. As we are one of the most advanced trading organizations in Nepal. We help our clients realize their trading potential with trading packages according to their needs.

Want to know more about commodity market in Nepal?

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